Deep Sea Fishing in Zanzibar

Deep Sea Fishing
Crystal clear waters teeming with fish

Fishing is an integral part of African culture, in a world where self-sufficiency is at the heart of the economy you can witness many fishing boats bobbing against the flaming sunrise and the sparkling Indian Ocean. Off the beautiful island of Zanzibar the sea life is abundant, rich and satisfying. Fishing enthusiasts will be in their element as they sail out to the midst of the deep green waters and cast their lines to catch some spectacular fish.

Pristine Waters

Many of the waters around the southern tip of the Island, between Mafia Island and Latham Island are practically untouched with only a handful of locals taking to the seas with their nets in hand. This means there is plenty to go around and it’s very rare you will step foot on land without a trophy to show for your big day indulging in deep sea fishing.

Year Round Feasts of the Sea

From dazzling Striped Marlin to Yellowfin Tuna, Shortbill Spearfish, Boardbill and Sailfish – these are just a few of the floundering friends that swim beneath the green surface of the waves. Whilst there are endless opportunities to fish throughout the year, there are two main fishing seasons that throw up big game fishing opportunities. The Yellowfin Tuna season runs from August until October and then the Marlin season is at its best between December and March. However the Boardbill and Sailfish are up for grabs all year.

The real challenge of the day could be trying to catch one of the fastest fish in the sea, the Wahoo fish. This slippery sea critter travels at an amazing speed of 85km per hour and is a real test of a fisherman’s prowess.

Tag and Release Policy

Unless you manage to catch a record breaker or the first ever fish of your life many companies encourage a catch and release method. This ensures the water stays full of life for everyone to enjoy without damaging the delicate eco system of the Indian Ocean.

A Truly Rewarding Experience

There is nothing more rewarding than drifting out onto the blue horizon as the sun gleams of the surface of the water and the silence of nature envelops you. Sea birds call from overhead and dive at the waters in the hopes of catching a silvery scaled fish for breakfast. The soft breeze caresses your skin and as you cast your line out you understand the true meaning of rest and rejuvenation.

Yet despite the calming nature of deep sea fishing there can be moments interspersed with high action where plenty of energy is needed. For example if you happen to snap a lone Barracuda on your line, the big fish is sure to strike hard and throw itself out of the water in a panic, causing your line to stretch taut and all your strength will be needed to reel it in.