Zanzibar Kite Surfing Holidays

Kite Surfing
Beutifull white beaches

Zanzibar is a true slice of paradise, with warm and welcoming waters, white grainy sands and lush greenery lining the coast. The stunning Indian Ocean will tempt you time and time again and there’s no better way of enjoying getting wet than with the exciting sport of kite surfing.

The island seems almost designed as if it had kite surfing in mind, with 8 months of perfect wind conditions the sport is gaining popularity and Zanzibar is quickly becoming one of the best spots to set up sail and coast the delicious waters.

More Than a Sport

There is nothing like flying along the surface of aquamarine waters, feeling the soft breeze kissing your face and witnessing pure adrenaline rise in your stomach. Kite surfing is more than just a sport – it’s a life style. A lifestyle full of sandy afternoons, salt crusting on your skin and cracking open a cold beer in celebration of a good ride. Once you have tasted kite surfing it is guaranteed that you won’t be able to stop.

Ras Nungwi

The north side of the island is a great place for learning to kite surf, most notably in Ras Nungwi. Long has this place been the perfect spot for indulging in watersports, from kayaking to sailing and swimming. Yet more recently it seems the sport of kite surfing is the most popular. In the afternoon the wind can reach up to 25 knots creating the perfect conditions for a long, uninterrupted ride across the dazzling blue waters.

Paje – The Perfect Place

Sandy bottomed beaches cushion your fall and the waters are generally clear of bathers making the ocean your playground for getting acquainted with kite surfing. Without a doubt the best spot for kite surfing on the island is a small village called Paje. Paje is kite surfing crazy and a great escape from the bustling energy of Stone Town. In Paje you can really kick back and relax after shaking the salt from your hair by sitting on the sands with a cocktail in hand.

There are plenty of kite surfing companies offering to teach you all the necessary skills you need to take to the waters. From beginner techniques to professional capabilities, getting involved in the world of kite surfing is a truly rewarding experience.

Surf Alongside Dolphins

The lagoon like waters at low tide offers the perfect opportunities for standing up on your board and getting to grips with a feel for the sport. With over 40km of coral reef and sandy spots, you can find head high waves creating the perfect ramp for perfecting tricks. If you are lucky you may also have the chance to surf alongside a curious dolphin that has popped up to see what all the fuss is about.

Low Cost Rental Opportunities

Those who are well versed in the kite surf world can enjoy cheap and cheerful rental with prices usually starting from around 15 euros an hour. Lessons and package deals are becoming increasingly popular as more and more wave riders rock up to the sands of Zanzibar hoping to find that white knuckle ride.

When to Visit

The best time to come to Zanzibar to catch award winning kite surfing conditions is between June and October. At this time the sun is cool but still inviting and the ‘kusini’ wind blows from south to north. However if you can’t work your travel plans around these months then fear not because between the months of mid-December to February you can indulge in the ‘kaskazi’ wind that comes in from the north and you can soak up the hot and steamy weather.