Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Serengeti

Hot Air Baloon The Serengeti
Early morning hot air balloon safari

Drift into a world of dreams with a hot air balloon ride across the Serengeti. As the sky floods over with crimson hues of pinks and gold, you can enjoy the awe inspiring sight of sunlight melting across the wide plains from way up high. Without a doubt the Serengeti is the number one spot for indulging in a hot air balloon ride. Not only will you have the chance to see this majestic landscape from a bird’s eye view but it also allows unrivalled photo opportunities and a first class wildlife viewing platform.

A Dawn Adventure

Hot air balloon adventures above the Serengeti tend to take flight at daybreak, this is the best time of day to rise above the continent as the sky rubs out from black to blue, allowing for a magnificent sunrise to sweep the world and the animals of Tanzania to wake for the new day or return after a night of hunting.

Explore From Up High

As you drift with the wind you can gaze out onto the true beauty of the Serengeti and spot the long swaying grasses, the mighty baobab trees with their upturned roots, the shimmering watering holes and flowing rivers, and of course the wide range of wildlife. From prides of lions lazing under trees to prancing gazelles, herds of great wildebeest, an eland darting into the shady grove, the hippos wallowing in the mud and a flock of bright birds beating their wings beside you – nothing can compare to this epic experience.

An Utterly Unique Experience

Each hot air balloon ride is totally unique and visitors never see the same thing twice, perhaps you will be the lucky guest who gets to spot a lioness take down her prey and her young cubs enjoy the kill, maybe you will see a herd of elephants hosing down in the early morning heat or follow the wildlife trail of the Great Migration.

Champagne Celebrations

This enchanting experience will leave you breathless and could be the most beautiful two hours of your entire life. Nothing beats climbing high in a hot air balloon and floating across one of the world’s most inspiring landscapes. Usually a hot air balloon ride will finish with a soft landing and a champagne celebration. Some companies even go as far as to create a gourmet, inspired breakfast to be served under the shady branches of an acacia tree with the wilderness as the perfect backdrop.

A Picture Perfect Dream

Booking a hot air balloon ride across the Serengeti is the only way to start your morning, this is a once in a lifetime memory that is bound to linger in your mind. Bring your camera and make use of the opportunity to take some truly dazzling photographs of the flaming sun, the ancient trails of wildebeest, the unrivalled wildlife below and so much more.

Experience Panoramic Africa

The silence of the sky and the colorful palette that spreads beneath your feet is something utterly magical with trailing wisps of romance. It is the only true way to gain a different perspective on this vast, hauntingly beautiful and often cruel landscape. By choosing a hot air balloon rde to discover Tanzania’s Serengeti, you have the chance of seeing the animals in their natural habitat, completely undisturbed by your presence. The panoramic views of Africa envelop you in sheer beauty and wonder and this is the only way to truly witness the sheer depth and wonder of the vast Serengeti plains. For an alternative safari adventure that will ignite your spirit of adventure and feed your imagination; discovering the Serengeti by air is the only way to go.

Tanzania’s stunning south, though perhaps not as well-known as the Northern Circuit, is diverse, beautiful, packed with game and well worth exploring. This particular itinerary is perfect for those looking for a Destination out of Dar Es Salaam, and for those who wish to take a relaxing beach extension in Zanzibar after their wildlife adventure!