Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi
a seasonal stop for Flamingos

The salty shores of Lake Eyasi are the perfect place to spot an abundance of Tanzania’s wildlife. Pink Flamingos flood the soft clay muds to balance beneath the setting sun and poke around for something good to eat. The air surrounding the soda waters of Lake Eyasi is hot, humid and damp with swaying palms. For visitors fresh out of the dusty and dry plains of the Serengeti the tropical atmosphere of Lake Eyasi can be a welcome retreat.

A Bird Lovers Paradise

Whilst the subtropical waters may not tempt big game enthusiasts bird lovers will feel as though they have entered paradise. Flamingos flock the shores, grey headed gulls swoop down and yellow billed storks walk daintily in the shallows hoping to snatch a catfish from the muddy banks of the lake. As the dawn chorus rises into an ear splintering crescendo of wild bird’s, visitors will know they have entered a whole new side of Africa.

Walk with the Last Bushmen of Africa

In the depths of the Rift Valley, where dinosaurs once walked, you can interact with the native Hadzabe Bushmen. These tribes have been here since almost the beginning of time and still live their life by bush and bow. The Hadzabe are a welcoming tribe and offer visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing how they hunt, eat and sleep. With bow strings made from giraffe tendons and local medicine sourced from the rainforest and homemade poisons, watching the natives live on the fringes of modern society is an invaluable experience.

Taste Fresh Milk

Close to the lake there is the Kisima Ngeda farm where crops grow in abundance and the silver streams that flow allow the farming of tilapia fish. Fresh creamy milk is available for visitors to drink and often it is still warm from the local cows that graze on these tropical pastures.

The Changing of the Seasons

The waters of Lake Eyasi dip and flood with the changing of the seasons. During the dry months the lake reduces to barely anything but silky salt residue and guests can watch the local wildlife desperately sharing the last remaining resources of the lake. Yet during the rainy season when the heavens open, the banks of Lake Eyasi flood leaving plenty of happy hippos submerged in the warm waters.

Nature Watch in the Meadows

In the shade of the acacia trees and doum palms visitors can enjoy refuge from the sun and watch the rippling endless meadows that color the shores around Lake Eyasi. Although not a big game park it is still common to see leopards prowling through the grass and hear the calls of monkeys screeching from atop the trees.

Traditional Deluxe Accommodation

There are plenty of accommodation choices for visitors hoping to stay and indulge in the warmth of Lake Eyasi. Tented luxury camps provide magnificent views over the ancient Rift Valley and offer soft hand carved beds under traditional thatched roofs and the shade of blushing palms. At night when the stars prickle in the sky you can hear the calls of the wild and the chirping of night birds.

A Cultural Safari

Lake Eyasi is the perfect place for travelers, who want to experience a cultural safari in one of the world’s most inspiring places. Crystal colored soda waters, a colorful barrage of birds and long walks will ignite your soul to a softer side of Tanzania. Hunt with the locals and taste the locally sourced dripping honey, hear the clicking tongue of the native Bushmen and open up your mind to base survival in the modern world in the stunning Lake Eyasi.