Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro
Snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro

Rising like a shimmering diamond out of the Tanzanian wilderness is the unrivalled spectacle that is Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Kilimanjaro is synonymous with Africa and every year the beautiful shining jewel pulls plenty of tourists hoping to reach the summit at the top of the world.

Cross Endless Continents

Despite being home to a large population of wildlife, the real essence of Mount Kilimanjaro lies in its vast and ever-changing natural landscape. From rich and fragrant rainforest to barren rocky outcrops, fertile farmlands, swaying alpine meadows and the icy peak of the summit – Mount Kilimanjaro manages to encompass everything within its reach. Climbing the summit can feel like crossing endless continents and is a truly life changing experience that allows you to discover the exotic and strange side of Africa’s flora.

Discover a Bounty of Wildlife

Yet Kilimanjaro is still home to a staggering amount of wildlife, the lush rainforests at the base of the mountain is home to flocks of bright and beautiful birds, roaming buffalo herds, sly leopards and screaming monkeys. The silvery ice cold streams are bursting with fish and it’s common to see the magnificent stature of an eland dart through the trails and into the dense thickets like a dream.

The Emerald Waters of Chala Crater Lake

On the edge of the rising slopes of Kilimanjaro is the beautiful glass mirrored waters of the Chala Crater Lake. Located on the inner rim the sparkling waters are a must see sight for anyone traveling to the lush slopes of Kilimanjaro. On glorious weather days the waters shimmer like emeralds and the sweet serenity of the place provides some fantastic photo opportunities.

Lowland Hikes

If you don’t fancy making the challenging hike to the top of the summit then you can enjoy lower level hikes that will leave your breathless. The trails duck in and out of rainforests, cross open moors and over giant sprawling tree roots. These treks will allow visitors to Kilimanjaro to witness the show of nature on offer at every twist and turn.

Stand on the Edge of the World

Those who wish to embrace the challenge and climb the staggering Mount Kilimanjaro must do so only with a licensed guide. The cost for climbing the summit varies dependent on which route you hope to take. Some routes are a breath of fresh air whilst others are for serious climbers only! Some routes are rustic and charming with their timeless appeal whereas others are hard work. The Machame Route is well known as being one of the most beautiful routes as the rugged climb takes you through the heart of the wilderness and enables you to discover the sumptuous scenery along the way. Either way attempting to climb the highest freestanding mountain in the world will be an utterly rewarding experience. Nothing can match the accomplishment of standing on the edge of the world and feeling the sun and mountain breeze caress your face as you gaze out at the expanse of the African continent.

When to Visit

The Mountain of Greatness is a pure miracle of nature and visiting Kilimanjaro is guaranteed to creep into your dreams forever after. As the mass of mountain is so close to touching the equator visitors need not worry about being served a cold hard hand by nature, the weather around Kilimanjaro is temperate and mild. The rains come down during the months of April and May and the dense forests bloom to life, earlier in the year during the months of January and February climbers can soak up plenty of sunlight flooding through the trees. Those wanting a more comfortable hike would be best opting for the cooler months of June and July.