Zanzibar Holidays

Zanzibar Island

Known as the spice island this stunning destination afloat in the Indian Ocean will ignite your senses with its bright and beautiful culture, rich array of local cuisine and abundance of natural wildlife. Whether you are looking for a piece of paradise to soak up the sun and kick back on pristine white sands or want to immerse yourself in the colorful hustle and bustle of the market scene, Zanzibar has it all.

Watch the dolphin’s splash offshore, sip tea with the locals and wander the ancient streets of Stone town in this exciting and evocative Island. Zanzibar is guaranteed to ignite the spirit of adventure in everyone from novice holidaymakers to seasoned travelers.

Local Culture

Escape the tourist crowds on this utterly unique island and immerse yourself in the lively local culture. Zanzibar welcomes travelers with a warm embrace keen to display their local traditions of community spirit, heartwarming cuisine and rich song and dance. Despite having a strong Muslim community the western way of life is welcomed with ease, although visitors should remember to respect local customs by covering up when necessary, drinking alcohol with discretion and keeping displays of public affection to a minimum. Even though Zanzibar practices Muslim teachings you can still find plenty of breezy little cafes and luxurious hotel bars where you can sip a fragrant cocktail and watch the fishing boats glide by on the warm waters.


The winding labyrinth streets of Stone Town are a must see after you touch down on the Island. Stone town is the soul of the island with the ripe scent of spices permeating the air, the buzz of locals meandering through the maze of streets and the cries from the vibrant market stalls. This is perhaps the most enchanting historical capital in the world and you never know what’s around the corner. From tiny teashops over spilling onto the streets to curious little bazars, be sure to hit the fish market as the sun bathes the buildings in a dawn glow and sample the exotic delicacy of the street food – this is Zanzibar at its best.

Discover the secrets of an Arabian princess with a trip to the Palace Museum. The sultans seem to have perfected the art of decadence and you can witness the opulent collection stuffed in every room with graceful sea views at every turn. Afterwards walk down to the whipping block at the Old Slave Market and see how Zanzibar has embraced its turbulent past by erecting a stunning Anglican Cathedral.

If you are hoping to immerse yourself in nature then a visit to the Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation Area should certainly be on the cards. The mangrove forest is alive with the wild cries of the endangered Red Columbus monkey. Push back the branches and meander through this awe inspiring display of Zanzibar’s flora and fauna.

What trip to the Indian Ocean would be complete without spending a day immersing yourself in the sun and sand of the tropical beaches? Palm fringed shores, secret coves and deep green waters provide an ideal location for rest and rejuvenation. Dive down deep to the bright coral beds and chase a dolphin or two with Zanzibar’s magnificent diving opportunities.

When to Go

If you love your days to be warm and bright and your nights thick and humid then you will love Zanzibar all year round. With warm breezes and long hours of light throughout the year it’s the ideal destination come summer or winter. Spring may see tropical downpours drench the hot stones of the city in the afternoon but this is the time of year that offers the best deals.