Chimpanzee in tanzania africa

Adventure Safaris in Tanzania

Adventure Safaris
Chimpanzee in tanzania africa

Adventure Safaris in Tanzania

For those who have the spirit of adventure nestled in their soul then why not take a trip to experience an ancient and exciting world built on mystery, Mother Nature and natural wonders. Tanzania is one of the world’s most vivid and evocative destinations, from the towering spire of Mount Kilimanjaro to the prehistoric aura of the Ngorongoro crater. This is a corner of the world unlike no other, where adventure lies in wait and you can trek through tangled jungle vines, hear the bloodcurdling cry of a hunting lion and lose yourself in the spirit of the old world…this is Tanzania.

Get off the Beaten Track

This epic adventure will take you off the beaten track, away from the bright lights and crowds of tourism and into the heart of the wild. With an adventure safari you can climb the icy peaks of Kilimanjaro, sit cross-legged with a bushman in his home, trek chimpanzees through the heavy humidity of the jungle, play with children in a remote African village and follow the footsteps of the Great Migration. For those who want to experience the heart of the earth and feel their blood pumping with excitement every day, discover true Tanzania with an adventure safari.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

The snows of Mount Kilimanjaro sparkle in the morning sun and the peak is shrouded in mist. This image will send a shiver down the spine of any adrenaline junkie as they imagine climbing up through alpine deserts, dripping jungle thickets, and snow dusted rocky outcrops. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro you can see the warm tracks of wildlife who have passed you by only moments ago, hear the shrill beating of the wings of exotic birds and hear the cry of monkeys echo from tree to tree. There is nothing more exciting on this earth then climbing one of the world’s most dramatic mountains.

Witness Natures Greatest Events

With a wealth of National Parks, Tanzania is one of the world’s most exotic destinations for spotting wildlife in their natural habitat. Whether you take a big game drive through the sweltering heat of the Serengeti or watch the elephants basking in the cool shade of Lake Manyara, there are no shortages of opportunities for seeing some of the world’s most exciting animals. To truly feed your spirit of adventure why not plan your trip to Tanzania to witness one of nature’s great events; the Great Migration. Hear the ground shake and the landscape become enveloped in dust as millions of wildebeest gallop across the Serengeti in search of sunnier pastures. Marvel as they leap the roaring rivers where dead eyed crocodiles lay in wait, watch calves take their first few wobbly steps and gaze in awe as a pack of hungry lions take down a zebra as part of their morning feast. There is nothing in the world that will compare with witnessing the Great Migration.

The Hunter Gatherer Experience

Africa has a strong cultural identity that goes back beyond the ages; immerse yourself in the beauty of this culture through the unique opportunity of interacting with Tanzania’s villagers and tribes. Spend the day in a truly African village and partake in their day to day lives, go out hunting with the Maasai warriors and enjoy untamed celebrations of song and dance around a blazing fire in a true village retreat in the heart of the jungle.

The World’s Most Exciting City

Take your adventure out of the jungle and into the city as you explore one of the world’s most exciting destinations; Zanzibar. This mish mash of cultures has collided on an island off the coast of Tanzania and allows you an unrivalled cultural exchange. Evoke your senses in a new world of spices, lose yourself in the winding maze of Stone Town and pump up your adrenaline with some wild water sports on the pristine beaches of this island retreat.

Test Your traveling Spirit

Those adventure seekers who want to experience the great outdoors can opt for some of the most exciting and basic accommodation facilities. This is a true test of your traveling spirit as you roll your sleeping bag out beneath an ocean of stars, cook on the fire and sleep to an orchestra of roaring lions, babbling baboons and slinking jackals. An adventure safari is a great opportunity to take a walk on the wild side and discover the dark heart of Africa in all her beauty and her true glory.