Climbers on mount kilimanjaro in tanzania africas highest mountain

Bush and Beach Safaris

Bush and Beach Safaris
Climbers on mount kilimanjaro in tanzania africas highest mountain

Bush and Beach Safaris in Tanzania

Get the best of both worlds with an exciting and distinctive bush and beach safari! With a carefully designed and tailored itinerary you can enjoy the perfect balance of a wildlife adventure combined with rejuvenation on the sun soaked shores of Tanzania’s beautiful beaches. From the heart of the bush to the soft sands, a bush and beach safari will bring all of the best elements of an African adventure together in harmony.

Sights You Only Dreamed Of

Start your trip of a lifetime by exploring some of Tanzania’s most exciting wilderness hot spots. From the vast shimmering stretch of the Serengeti to the soft alkaline waters of Lake Manyara, you can discover a hidden world of bright and beautiful creatures. As you cruise through the dusty golden landscape of the Serengeti National Park you will see sights you only ever dreamed of, a pride of lions basking in the shade of a baobab tree, giraffes munching leaves from the towering acacias, jackals and wild dogs howling in the dark thickets and herds of wildebeest roaming to find water.

Ancient Discoveries to take your Breath Away

Take a trip back in time and discover the mysticism surrounding of the epic landscape of the Ngorongoro Crater Rim. As you stand on the edge of this ancient collapsed volcano with its sheer walls and lush vegetation you can watch Africa flame to life as birds and butterflies flutter over the treetops and baboons call to each other through the morning mist.

The Excitement of Exploration

Spend your days trekking through the tangled vines of the jungle, clambering over the sprawling roots of ancient trees and big game spotting in the heart of Tanzania’s bush land. As the snowy caps of Mount Kilimanjaro shine like beacons in the distance, you will truly understand the draw of adventure and the excitement of exploration with this one of a kind bush safari. Sleeping beneath a bed of stars and drifting off to the plethora of nature’s sounds is one of the greatest feelings in the world and one that will stay with you for many years to come.

The Most Fascinating City in the World

After the excitement of the bush now is the time to let the second part of your great adventure begin, by soaking up the life of leisure on the shores of Zanzibar. Spice Island, as it is known is a cultural hub unlike no other. Inside the city the rich and evocative scent of spice drifts down every street, the market bursts to life with bright colors and the calls of the local traders. From fine cuisine to sipping tea in the back streets of Stone Town you can discover the true beauty and joy of one of the most amazing cities in the world.

The Life of Leisure with a Beach Retreat

When it’s time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you can spend long days relaxing on Zanzibar’s world class beaches. Pristine white sands and inviting azure waters provide the perfect backdrop for some down time. Sip cocktails in the sun, drift in the warm and welcoming waters and partake in some local watersports such as kite surfing or riding out in a Dhow with the local fishermen.

A Safari That Has it All

As part of this great adventure you will have accommodation options to suit your needs. Whether you want to wake up to fire roasted coffee in the Great Rift Valley, relax in the infinity pool of a luxury lodge or escape the city in a boutique hotel, the beach and bush safari has it all.

Without a doubt this is the perfect option for those who want the thrill of adventure combined with the relaxation and beauty of a beachside holiday. After your bush and beach safari you will feel inspired, rejuvenated and have stories to tell for years to come.