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Chimpanzee Safaris

Chimpanzee Safaris
Closeup blue spotted fish scuba diving africa snorkelling zanzibar Tanzania

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Chimpanzee Safaris in Tanzania

There are few miracles in this world that compare with seeing our closest genetic ancestors in the wild. Chimpanzee trekking is a rare and wonderful experience that will remain fresh in your memory for the rest of your life. Imagine silently slipping through vines and clouds of white butterflies as you trek through the jungle in search of these stunning primates. Suddenly your guide halts, motions you to come closer and as he parts a canopy of green you see a family of chimpanzees rolling, playing and grooming in the very heart of the Mahale Mountains.

Discover Remote Rainforests

The Mahale Mountains is unrivalled in her beauty and is so remote you could swear no other human ever stepped foot in this shimmering emerald rainforest. As flowers burst and the crescendo of bird song rises, you will feel the essence of Mother Nature with every step. As your guide leads you on the trail of the world’s most fascinating creatures you can feel the heat of the Congo closing in. Bright birds beat their wings and occasionally an antelope saunters past and stops in surprise before disappearing into the undergrowth. Great canyons and waterfalls, gurgling streams and velvet green trees tower all around you in this exotic, mysterious and dream like world.

An Unrivalled Experience

The Mahale Mountains is one of the premier destinations in the entire world for spotting chimpanzees in their natural habitat. This is the only place you can witness the sheer delight of a baby chimpanzee sucking its fingers as it curls up on its mothers lap. With approximately 1,000 different chimps living life in their own small society the odds of trekking a chimp to its destination are extremely high. As the guides generally know the chimps well they can be keen to point out each family and explain the politics of the chimp world. As it’s important for these wonderful beings to stay safe and uninterrupted by human interaction you can observe their life from the shadows. They fight, they play, they feed, they groom and hey busy themselves with their own existence.

Interact with the Environment

Not only do you get the pure joy and wonder of visiting the chimps in their natural habit but you also get the splendor of enjoying a walking safari. As your legs carry you through the pristine surroundings of tropical rainforest dripping with color, you have a true chance to immerse yourself in spectacular beauty. Breathe deep the scent of wild lotus flowers, hear the calling of birds and spot other marvelous mammals that simply happen to be passing by.

Relax in a Lakeside Beach Retreat

After you have spent the morning trekking in hushed awe and wonder of your surroundings there’s the chance to slip down to the inviting cool waters of Lake Tanganyika, which serves as a soft sandy beach on the fringes of this mountain retreat. This is the perfect spot for rest and rejuvenation and you can enjoy a high amount of leisure time bathing in the crystal clear waters, snorkeling down to discover an exciting array of water life, or even casting out your line to catch something tasty for supper.

The Crown Jewel of Safaris

Trekking chimpanzees is the crown jewel when it comes to safari tour highlights. It is an extremely rare opportunity to discover the wonder of the chimpanzee and unfortunately a world that is on the decline. By taking the chimpanzee trek safari you will be investing in a once in a lifetime experience that will be worth every second. Inspiring, delightful and fun for all, the chimpanzee trek is not to be missed.