Classic Safaris in Tanzania

Classic Safaris
Cheetahs relaxing in the grass

The Classic Safari you have been Dreaming of

A classic and timeless safari through the heart of Tanzania will give you the experience you have been dreaming of. This is the Africa that will capture your heart and imagination as you close your eyes and feel the sun beat your brow, feel the dusty earth sink beneath your feet and hear the orchestra of lions, elephants, wild birds and wildebeest stamping across the plains.

This is the Africa where man took his very first steps, where the dizzying heights of Mount Kilimanjaro bathes the world in shadow, where the rivers roar and the giraffes walk on stilted legs towering above the baobab trees.

The Splendor of the Serengeti

There are many adventures to be had in the heart of Tanzania but the classic safari is an opulent journey full of splendor, culture and overflowing with magnificent sights. You can discover the endless stretch of the Serengeti where the dance of life and death is performed each day. You can see elephants herding their young to water, lion cubs playing in the swaying yellow grass, leopards slinking in the shadows and the deafening roar of a million wildebeest hooves as they begin their Great Migration.

Snow Capped Peaks and Shimmering Waters

Your journey will take you across the sun glazed floor of the Great Rift Valley, beneath the snowcapped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and to the soft waters of Lake Manyara. Lake Manyara is home to the Greater Flamingo; beside the shimmering waters you can witness a flood of bright and beautiful birds poised in the clay beneath a sweltering sun. Watch the magnificent tree climbing lion hang from a branch and enjoy a picnic on the banks of the world’s most beautiful waterside.

The Ancient World

No classic safari would be complete without giving you the chance to stand on the sheer rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. The lush valleys of green tumble down the sheer walls of this ancient collapsed volcano. From the base down below you can hear a myriad of wild cries from the numerous animal species that now inhabit these forests.

Culture, Beauty and Wilderness

The classic safari experience in Tanzania delivers everything you could ever wish for. You will have the chance to tick the big five off your list, to soak up the breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro flaming in the morning sun, to admire the local traditions of the African people, and to gaze at the world as it was thousands of years ago. The classic safari combines a heady mixture of culture, beauty, and unbridled wilderness.

You can choose your classic safari to have a touch of comfort as there are many stunning safari lodges and tented camps along the journey. Sit beneath a blanket of stars and hear the cries of midnight hunters as they seek out their prey, enjoy the taste of local cooking and feel closer to the spirit of the world with a classic safari in