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Honeymoon Safaris in Tanzania

Honeymoon Safaris
Chimp Tanzania

Honeymoon Safaris in Tanzania

Start your marriage with the ultimate adventure of a lifetime, in a trip that combines dramatic beauty, exquisite luxury, excitement and immersion in nature. Tanzania honeymoon safaris allow you to build lingering and loving memories.

Imagine holding the hand of your loved one while you peer over the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater or guiding your spouse through a thicket of jungle where pale butterflies dance around you, imagine sitting back on soft white sand with an exotic cocktail in hand or waking up together to the sound of a lion roaring. These are all moments that have to be experienced to be believed and a honeymoon safari in Tanzania will ignite the sparks of romance and adventure.

Immerse Yourself in Beauty

Begin your exotic adventure by immersing yourself in beauty. Every day on your honeymoon safari will deliver new sights and sounds to ignite your senses, whether it’s waking up in the blue and hazy shadow of the beautiful Mount Meru surrounded by the golden Arusha countryside or watching the waters shimmer at Lake Manyara. Discover Tanzania in all her epic glory as buffalo roam in the plains, flamingos perch on one leg on the ash colored shores and elephants bathe their young to cool off from the sun. See sights that have become a rarity in this world like the notorious tree climbing Manyara lion lounging in the branches.

Discover a Natural Paradise

Discover a natural paradise with a trip to the sprawling plains of Africa; watch the sky flame as you lounge on the shaded rocks in the Serengeti. Visit the enthralling Olduvai Museum for a tour of ancient man and see the tools that started our civilization. Of course no trip to Tanzania is complete without a big game drive; explore the dusty roads that lead to the sprawling, shimmering horizon. Here you can spot all the big game that Tanzania is famed for, from packs of lions lounging in the sun to hyenas roaming the shadow lands, herds of wildebeest galloping across the plains and baboons calling from the tree tops.

Stand on the Edge of the World

Take the time to peer over the edge of the world and immerse yourself in magic at the ancient Ngorongoro Crater. As you step out onto the collapsed volcano that forms a dense, deep hole in the world you can gaze out across a sea of gold and green and watch the bright and exotic birds take flight. This natural wonder has become a home for thousands of species of animals and you can spot charging rhinos, the black and white flash of zebra and even hippos wallowing in the waters.

Bliss Has Never Felt so Beautiful

Cool off from the heat of your wild safari adventure on the shores of Zanzibar’s beautiful beaches. Zanzibar is one of the world’s most unique and exciting destinations and can offer everything from rest and rejuvenation to the colorful buzz of Africa’s markets. Explore the city and then kick back on the pristine diamond white sands with a cold drink in hand. Bliss has never felt so beautiful.

Unforgettable Accommodation and Unbridled Luxury

Because your honeymoon should be one of the most magical and unforgettable adventures of your life we want to help you start your marriage in style. Every night of your adventure you will enjoy unbridled luxury at some of Tanzania’s incredible accommodation.

From rustic country homes to luxury tented camps, you can watch the stars prickle the peak of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. Float in infinity pools and eat gourmet cuisine under flickering firelight and retreat to the serene beauty of a soft featherbed with a chilled bottle of champagne.