Close-up of a leopard lying in branch of tree

Photographic Safaris

Photographic Safaris
Close-up of a leopard lying in branch of tree

We do not have any chimpanzee safaris listed currently. Please Contact Us for more information. 

Photographic Safaris in Tanzania

Discover life through a lens with a once in a lifetime photographic safari experience. Imagine waking up as the sun filters soft light across the plains of the Serengeti, in the distance the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro glitter as the morning mists begin to part and Africa glows in green and gold, Mother Nature has delivered the perfect photo opportunity.

A Portfolio Waiting to Happen

Whether you are a hobby photographer or a pro, Tanzania is an unchartered world of discovery and a portfolio waiting to happen. These unique, tailored safaris are designed to keep you snapping away and feeling inspired with every step.

A World of Color

Tanzania offers keen photographers an unrivalled opportunity to take stunning landscape pictures. Whether you want to capture a pink flamingo standing on the clay baked shores of Lake Manyara or whether you want to depict the dream like quality of the shadowy Mount Meru in the morning light – you can have it all. The colors of Tanzania’s landscape truly come to life, when the rains fall the mists rise and the world becomes a painting of emerald and jade with blooming exotic flowers spilling their colors across the page. In the long, dry season you can capture the cracks in the dusty red road and the dry hiss of a baobab tree as it swelters in the sun. From towering mountains to endless stretches of dusty road, swaying green grasses and rushing rivers, Tanzania is the perfect choice for passionate landscape photography.

All Animals Great and Small

Bring the beauty of the wild to life with a photographic safari in Tanzania. This corner of the globe has every animal imaginable, great to small. Here you can find an unrivalled catalog of wildlife shots just waiting to be captured; no two sights are the same in Tanzania. Whether you want to capture the action packed shot of a lioness taking down her prey in the Great Migration or a brilliant sea of butterflies flitting through the jungle, how about the slit yellow eyes of a crocodile lying in wait or a baby elephant tugging at its mother’s tail. Every life in Africa has a story to tell and you can capture this story and make it immortal. From bright birds to hungry beasts, babies taking their first steps and the beautiful but cruel dance of life and death, in the wilderness of Tanzania there’s a photo to take every second.

A Tailor Made Adventure

From the first light of dawn until the stars prickle the sky at night, this unique adventure can be tailored so you get to experience exactly what you have been dreaming of. It doesn’t all have to be about the landscape and the wildlife, you can take a trip into the stunning city of Stone Town and take evocative photographs of the locals sipping tea, buying fresh vegetables from market and casting their lines out into the ocean to catch something special for supper. You can also snap some shots of local tribes with an exciting meeting with the local Maasai people; capture the color of tribal life and the rituals that bring a little ancient magic to the modern world.

Time to Reflect

Your photographic safari adventure doesn’t have to be all work and no play, you can take the time to put the camera down and discover the local warmth and hospitality of Tanzania. Discover the breathtaking beauty of bathing in serene green waters and relaxing on pure white sands with a cocktail in hand; take the time to reflect on this dream experience of a lifetime.