African elephant on safari in tanzania

Search Safaris in Tanzania

Search Safaris in Tanzania
African elephant on safari in tanzania

Hand Selected Safari Adventures

Your African adventure is waiting for you; now with this exciting selection of safaris you can immerse yourself in exploration. From trekking through the ancient rainforests of the Southern Circuit of Tanzania to sipping cocktails to the fabled backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, watching the lionesses return bloody from a hunt, and witnessing the playful nature of young monkeys, Tanzania will soak into your skin and leave its stamp on your heart.

Our range of safari adventures have been hand selected to ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime, whether you are looking for honeymoon luxury that sparkles with romance or a camping expedition in the bush with only the stars as your ceiling, you can have it all.

Africa’s Wildlife on your Doorstep

All our safari tours in Tanzania include plenty of opportunities to witness the bright flourish of Africa’s wildlife. Many people come to Tanzania with dreams of seeing the Great Migration and a million wildebeest leaving the Serengeti plains in a cloud of dust, others dream of watching a pride of lions slink on the perimeters waiting to take down a zebra in its tracks. Some people want to hear the crack of a crocodiles jaw and push through tangled rainforest on misty mornings in search of the chimpanzee. Whichever safari you opt for, you will have the chance to see the sights you have always dreamed of.

An Adventure to Match your Needs

For those travelers who want an all-inclusive and in depth look at the majestic national parks on offer in Tanzania then the Tanzanian Great Safari Circuit is a must. Those on a limited timeframe will get everything they hoped for in a compact and world class adventure with the Classic Circuit that covers the sparkling waters of Lake Manyara, the stretch of the Serengeti, the breathtaking Ngorongoro crater and Tarnagire. If you are hoping to get off the beaten track and into the heartlands of the bush then the Southern Circuit Trip will satisfy even the hardiest spirit of adventure. Those who have been dreaming of African romance, flaming sunsets and awe inspiring sights will adore every second of the Honeymoon Safari complete with rest and rejuvenation on the sandy white shores of Zanzibar.

A Cultural Exchange

Many of our tailored safaris are pieced together to build up an experience that is perfectly balanced. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and witness the splendor of Africa but you can also enjoy soaking up a time honored and very special culture. The people of Tanzania are full of music, song, dance, bright clothing, evocative myths and the warmest hospitality. With a Tanzania safari you can also take the rare chance to spend time with the locals and learn about a life under the sweltering African sun. Visit with the ancient Maasai people, be part of rituals, ceremonies and celebrations that run as old as the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Small Moments

It’s the small moments that make a Tanzanian experience so rich and lively that it forms the sweetest memories. The moment you first saw a baby wildebeest struggle to its feet, the first time you saw the morning mist pouring from the slopes of Kilimanjaro, the second you taste true African cooking beside a flickering fire, the first time you stop in a local village and the children swarm you with eager excitement. The sound of a lion roaring under a slice of moonlight – all these precious moments make Africa. Take a look at our stunning selection of safaris and start planning your big adventure today.