People and Culture in East Africa

People and Culture
Minaret of a mosque on zanzibar

With so many cultures colliding in Tanzania you are guaranteed to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the local customs. From the bright colors of the Massai tribes to the modest dress of the Muslim community, the rich beads of African heritage and a small slice of European cosmopolitan appeal - Tanzania has it all.

The local language is Swahili although English is spoken and understood throughout Africa. The people of Tanzania are very welcoming to westerners and will be excited to share their local culture and traditions with travelers.

If you are visiting Tanzania you are certain to come across the fascinating people of the Masaai tribe. The nomadic tribes are an integral part of Tanzanian culture and dress in vibrant red robes and ethnic jewelry. Usually they live a traditional way of life herding cattle, sourcing local food and living in traditional village huts. Their lifestyle may seem primitive to some but it is alive with celebration and self-sufficiency. The rituals include plenty of singing and dancing and some magnificent displays of being a warrior in the modern world.